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Would Deathly Hallows have been better if Harry had had to bite through Ginny's uterus to get Albus Severus out?

Yes, because I LOVE the idea of Ginny in pain and Albus Severus is clearly the Antichrist.
No, because Snape still would have died and I touch myself at night while thinking of him.
No, because I hate plots ripped off from giallo.
No, because I'd want Harry to have to bite through Hermione's uterus.
No, because I'd want Draco to have to bite through Harry's uterus (or vice versa).
Yes, because she deserves to suffer for taking Harry for his TRUE love, Ron/Hermione/Cho/Hedwig/Draco/Lupin/Sirius/Dumbledore/Hagrid/Lucius/Rufus Scrimgeour/Fenrir Greyback, etc.
No, because JKR wounded my soul by belittling my love for Draco Malfoy.
Yes, because that's so edgy and definitely not sappy.
Only it involved Ginny bleeding out from the cooch and dying in a pool of blood.
You're a fucking moron and I hope you die.

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Ok, I know this is a little off-topic, but I have to tell someone.

I guess everybody heard about this, right? Since I heard, I’ve been dying to say I TOLD YOU SO to the world in general. Not add another word, my ass. Of course she was going to write more.

I don’t think this is necessarily a bad thing (and Lord knows that I do this kind of stuff all the time with my own characters), but still. Ha.

EDIT: I think it´s here, people, check it out.

The JK Rowling Show

So I have a new love for Graig Ferguson, and I was looking him up on youtube when I found a thing he did called the JK Rowling show. Since it was obviously something making fun of her, I clicked on it, and I found it hilarious. So I thought I'd share some of it here:







And my favorite:

I particularly like the "I wrote the last 3 books completely drunk and no one even noticed!" and the part about how could Voldemort not kill a near sighted school boy?

Dr. Gackt is In

Things the Mistakes in Harry Potter Have Taught Me about Writing

Okay, we all know that the writing quality of HP, especially in HBP and DH, was full of mistakes so painful, they're almost unmentionable. But have they inspired your own writings in some inverse way?

For me, it has.

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So what about you? Even if you don't write yourself, you can still list things off.
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Two rants, kind of. More like questions, really.

You know how a lot of random facts got into the movies and the fans kept saying that everything would be explained at the end?


I was wondering. Does anyone remember the werewolf-thing Hermione does in the PoA? What was that all about? It was said that a werewolf would respond only to the call of a female of the species, not a call from any female, and Hermione sure as hell couldn’t have learned to imitate a call from a she-werewolf. Granted, that was the movie, not the books, but we know Rowling had a say in the script, so… what was that all about?

I know this community is DH related, but since I waited until the last book to find an answer to this question, I think it1s only fair to ask this here. ;-)

Another subject: So. Who had the most idiotic death? James probably died without even realize what was happening. Sirius was killed by drapery. Lupin died off-screen. Peter strangled himself ( I´m still bitter about it. I can´t believe I actually waited for this redemption arc. Humph). And I won’t even talk about Snape.

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OK. So now apparently JKR has said in an interview that Dumbledore/Grindelwald is canon. Someone reads WAY too much fanfic ;)

However, if this is what she intended, then why not make it explicit in the books? Why do all the characters describe it as a 'friendship'? Are they all homophobic or something?